Watercress and Chickpea Soup with Rosewater and Ras el hanout

The star of this dish is the vegetables roasted in ras el hanout. Without it the soup itself is very healthy and floral tasting since it’s made of watercress and spinach. The soup is a little thin and okay, but when the ras el hanout seeps into the soup, WOW! The spice adds a little kick that is just enough and really accentuates, and not overwhelm the flavor of the soup. My friend, who lived in the Mid-East said that watercress isn’t a super common green found there, so I’m wondering if that’s an influence from the author living in England. I, personally, don’t eat too much watercress here in the states, although I found it in my local international grocery store. I enjoyed having this soup for lunch in this cold January month, especially with the kick from ras el hanout.

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