White Beans

We’re currently experiencing lots of frozen rain and ice in VA so a big bowl of salty beans is super comforting right now. I had a bag of Great Northern beans in my pantry and wanted to try a recipe from a new cookbook my sister sent me. The beans were cooked with salt pork…

Shallot-Thyme Vinaigrette

I’ve made this vinaigrette before. It’s oily, acidic and the shallots almost taste like pickled onions. It’s so good. I used the vinaigrette and made myself a dinner salad with Spring Mix, goat cheese, avocado, pepperoni and dried cranberries. So yummy

Creamy Peanut Slaw

I am a fan of the sauce. This slaw satisfies need of salty and spicy Asian-inspired sauces. Two things would make this salad better: cilantro and crushed peanuts. I would totally do that with this recipe next time. Although, I’m tempted to take the sauce and just heat it up with ramen or glass noodles….

Mack and Cheese

Sorry Snoop, hate to say this, but my mom’s is better. My family used to run a small restaurant and we had a pretty decent mac and cheese. Snoop Dogg’s sauce is tasty, although it calls for too much nutmeg. I’m a fan of using nutmeg to accent savory dishes, but not mac and cheese….

Baby Spinach Salad with Dates and Almonds

This is a lovely salad to have as a lunch. My favorite part of this salad wasn’t even included in the title. I enjoyed the pita fried in butter and oil that were later coated in sumac to create delicious middle eastern croutons. This salad could be great as a side salad, or dressed up…

Stuffed Onions

So, I wanted to like these so much, but they’re not my taste. I love onions, but I feel like the flavors don’t exacty mess with each other. It was also disappointing since these took hours to prepare and I’m not one that likes to make too finicky of dishes that involve many steps and…

Yasai Itame

Stir-fried Vegetables Yum, this was a quick and simple way to prepare side veggies. I just got a replacement wok and this would have been lovely to prepare in a wok. In the picture above you see stir-fried carrots, sugar snap peas, bok choy, and cabbage. I had left out mushrooms and asparagus, but this…

Ingen No Goma Ae

Green Beans with Sesame Dressing The boyfriend and I enjoyed this dish. The chilled green beans were a nice counter texture and temperature with the Hambagu.


Stir-fried Parsnips and Carrots I thought I would be able to find parsnips for this recipe, but New Grand Mart and Wegmans both let me down. So I ended up just keeping the regular amount of carrots and celery and dividing the liquid needed in half. This is a surprisingly quick veggie side dish that…

Broccoli with Almond Butter

Yum. Yum. Yum I love broccoli. AND I got my boyfriend to agree that fresh broccoli is better than frozen, and that’s huge! Granted, he thought that I should have cooked it more while I thought that I should have cooked the broccoli less, since I typically prefer to roast broccoli. For me, there is…