Sweet Filo Cigars

These are pretty much rolled baklava. I left off the crumbled pistachios on the top. I’m terrible at making small formed/ rolled foods. I feel like the best experience is if you’re in a kitchen with your grandparent making hundreds of cigars or dumplings, for example. These were tasty though. I used a wildflower honey…

Riesling Jelly

Pass. Hard pass. No thank you sir. Other than the fact that this recipe screams ‘70’s, the grappa is so aggressive that it assaulted my tastebuds. I’m sure someone loves this, but it wasn’t me.

Aniseed Cookies

Yum! I was doubtful about these cookies but they are delightful. I like how they’re not super sweet and nice and fluffy. The instructions said to dry out the dough overnight, but I didn’t have time for that.

Bavarian Cream

I’m only familiar with Bavarian Cream as a Bavarian Cream donut (the superior donut in my humble opinion as long as you don’t choke on the powdered sugar.) In the recipe there’s not explanation how to eat the cream. It simple states that you chill it in a mold (what mold?) then losen it with…