Bavarian Cream

I’m only familiar with Bavarian Cream as a Bavarian Cream donut (the superior donut in my humble opinion as long as you don’t choke on the powdered sugar.) In the recipe there’s not explanation how to eat the cream. It simple states that you chill it in a mold (what mold?) then losen it with hot water and serve it in a bowl,

So, the fat girl in me loves a good cream dessert but I feel like I needed to look into how you eat the cream. Do you just eat it like ice cream? Do you dip berries into it? (gag) I know it can be served as a filling…

According to the all- knowing Wikipedia, you do exactly that. You put it in a mold and unmold it and serve it with fruits or caramel sauce.

Sadly, I didn’t have a mold, I just have a glorious bowl of Bavarian Cream to enjoy.

And if I ate berries (I don’t), I could see how dipping berries into this bowl would be delightful.

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