Israel. Week One

Na’ama’s Fattoush Falafel Watercress & Chickpea Soup with Rosewater and Ras el hanout Stuffed Onions Roasted Chicken with Clementines and Arak Time to bring on all the herbs and spices! I’m excited to finally use the Pomegranate Molasses that is living in my pantry. I’m also super lucky that there is a local Jerusalem market…

Yasai Itame

Stir-fried Vegetables Yum, this was a quick and simple way to prepare side veggies. I just got a replacement wok and this would have been lovely to prepare in a wok. In the picture above you see stir-fried carrots, sugar snap peas, bok choy, and cabbage. I had left out mushrooms and asparagus, but this…

Sake Shioryaki

Salt-grilled Salmon For how simple the preparation of the fish was, just salt and sitting in the fridge for an hour, the fish was super moist. The only big issue was that it needed to be in the oven under the broiler longer than Morimoto had advised to suit our tastes.

Japan. Week Four

So, it’s been a fun month. We had some really interesting and tasty dishes. I think I’m going to wrap the month up early to focus on Christmas foods and spending time with my boyfriend. So, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I’ll be back in 2021 to focus on Israeli food.

Japan. Week Three

Tataki Kyuri (Smashed Cucumber Pickles) Onigiri (Rice Balls) Sake Shioryaki (Salt-Grilled Salmon) Yasai Itame (Stir-Fried Vegetables) This is a bit of light week since it’s birthday week for my boyfriend and myself #saglife. I’ll edit more later if I make more Japanese food this week.

Japanese Staples

Here are some good ingredients to stock up on for your own Japanese food Soy Sauce Mirin Sake Bonito Flakes and Kombu to make Dashi Sugar Sesame Seeds Seaweed Short grain white rice Sweet Potatoes I’m sure there’s loads more but I’ve used these the most so far.

Ingen No Goma Ae

Green Beans with Sesame Dressing The boyfriend and I enjoyed this dish. The chilled green beans were a nice counter texture and temperature with the Hambagu.


Japanese-style Hamburger with Tangy Sauce Please don’t judge my overcooked sear, I took my eyes off the pan a bit too long. But really, this is more like a mini meatloaf with a tangy teriyaki sauce and my American taste buds were satisfied. I served this with white rice and Green Beans with Sesame Dressing…


Fish Simmered with Sake, Soy Sauce, and Sugar Yum! I’m pretty sure that this was the first time that I’ve had Chilean Sea Bass and I was not disappointed. Morimoto recommended using a fatty white fish fillet such as Spanish Mackerel, Redfish, Chilean Sea Bass, or Black Cod. I went with Chilean Sea Bass from…

Kinoko Zaru Soba

Chilled Soba Noodles with Mushrooms This was my first time trying a chilled soba dish. I found out that I’m not the biggest fan of the buckwheat noodles. You’re supposed to pick up the noodles and dip them into the sauce that the mushrooms were simmered in. I ended up just dumping the noodles into…